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MultiMaster Accesories


FEIN MultiMaster Marine Top reflects 40 years of experience in oscillation technology. With its oscillating motion and extensive line of accessories, FEIN MultiMaster Marine Top is an incredibly versatile and precise

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Sander Sheets FEINA-0020 $8.99
Assorted Dust Extraction Sanding Sheets. Assorted Perforated sanding sheets (Hook and Loop).

Star Mount Adaptor FEINA-0023 $9.99
Fein 30109189010 Star Mount Adaptor for Round Mount MultiMaster Arbor. This adaptor works with the current multimaster models and allows you to use some of the new accessories that have the star center.

3/8 Inch Wide MultiMaster FEINA-0027 $16.95
Fein 6-35-02-132-01-3 is a 3/8 Inch Wide MultiMaster Wood Mini Cut saw blade .

Mini E-Cut Diamond Sharpener FEINA-0028 $18.95
Fein MultiMaster Mini E-Cut Diamond Sharpening Blades.

3/4 Inch Mini E-Cut Saw Blade FEINA-0026 $19.95
Is a 3/4 Inch Wide MultiMaster Mini E-Cut Saw Blade.

Triangle Sanding Pad FEINA-0030 $22.95
Fein MultiMaster Triangle Sanding Pads Hook and Loop. Fein Hook and Loop Pads are available in several formats.

Scraper Blade FEINA-0025 $28.99
Fein MultiMaster Scraper Blades.

Felt Polishing Pad FEINA-0029 $48.95
Fein MultiMaster Felt Polishing Pad. It can also be used for polishing natural and artificial stone

Teak Blades FEINA-0031 $49.95
Fein MultiMaster Teak Blades for Boat Deck Repair.

Fein 6-35-02-097-02-7 Blades for cutting sheet metal 6-35-02 $49.95
Fein saw blades are designed to cut harder material and last longer. These blades cut by oscillation, only a few teeth do the cutting.

Standard Carbide Rasp FEINA-0021 $58.99
Fein 63731001014 MultiMaster Standard Carbide Rasp. Can also be used with the Fein Dust Extraction Kit.

StandardE-Cut Saw Blade #2 FEINA-0017 $63.99
Is a 1-3/8 Inch Standard Precision E-Cut Saw Blade.

Sanding Kit FEINA-0024 $63.99
Fein MultiMaster Profile Sanding Kit. The Fein MultiMaster Profile Kit provides flexibility in sanding hard to reach places, and custom profiles or contours

Dust Free Sanding FEINA-0022 $64.99
Fein MultiMaster Dust Free Sanding Kit. The Fein MultiMaster Dust Free Sanding Kit extracts dust directly through the perforated sanding pad and paper.

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Opinion of JERRY SOKOL about:

5 Stars
I'm a yacht captain of a 112' Westport, I just received this product and tried it myself today, I'm not going to ask anyone to do a job I haven't done first, this product works as described, follow th...

Opinion of JERRY SOKOL about:

4 Stars
I'm a captain on 112' Westport yacht, I have been trying different products to see if we can work smarter, not harder.rnI have to tell you, this stuff rocks, our yacht is two years old, we start with ...

Opinion of Cameron Hancock about:

5 Stars
I bought this last winter on a whim. I've never had much luck with these products but I figured it wasn't expensive, so why not. I had asked the marina to redo all the silicone around my swim platfor...

Opinion of Cameron Hancock about:

5 Stars
This is the most effective cleaner I've ever used, bar none. It's my go-to cleaner now for everything. This takes the deisel soot off my boat in one swipe of the cloth! It cleans my dinghy like not...

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