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Sea-Shield Clear Squeeze, 16 oz. CaseFelt Polishing Pad

Sea-Shield Nano Coating 16oz
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Sea-Shield Nano Coating 16oz

Price: $45.95
Number pieces in packaging:1
Number pieces in box:12
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  • Extremely Water Repellent
  • Prevents Color Fading
  • Hyper Concentrated Formula
  • Very Durable
  • Extreme UV Protection.

DESCRIPTION Sea-Shield ®Nano Coating is the longest lasting protection you can apply to your yacht or boat on a variety of surfaces including but not limited to paint, stainless steel, vinyl cushions, rubber, gel coat and acrylic surfaces. This product takes minutes to apply to a clean and dry surface. Simply wipe on and buff out the excess.

INSTRUCCTIONS Apply to a clean dry surface only. For best results apply to a properly prepared surface. This product is designed for hand application only using a microfiber sponge applicator. Mist the applicator (not the surface) with a single spray of Nano Coating . One spray is enough sealant to cover a surface area of 3 to 5 square feet. Apply a very thin coat to the entire surface rub in thoroughly until only a light film remains then wipe off all excess. Allow to dry 8 to 12 hours before getting wet. For additional protection apply SEA-SHIELD Exhaust Guard after the Nano Coating is fully cured.


  • Paint
  • Gelcoat
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Vinyl
  • Metal

MSDS datasheet  (Wednesday, 16 October 2013)
Rating: 5
This is the product I'd found first with Sea-Shield, and it works. I have a serious problem with diesel soot from my generator. I bought a small
bottle of Nano Coating and MPC cleaner first. The MPC Cleaner cleaned all the soot immediately, then I applied Nano Coating. After running the
generator almost constantly for 4 days, I was happy to report a much diminished soot and it was easy to take off. I just washed with lake water and a
cloth each morning and it was almost all taken off. Over the winter I coated my whole boat with Nano-Coating, and Exhaust guard. The combination
lasted from mid-April to beginning of September with ease, then the black streaks started coming. That's almost the whole season with almost no work
- damn good in my books. I want to mention the two most surprising uses of Nano Coating: Strataglass windows, and Hypalon Dinghies. My Windows
are very clear, I have no zippers or screens anywhere, so streaks or dirt are really obvious. With the Nano Coating on the windows, they cleaned with
soap and water, then a wipe when they were almost dry to get the spots. Really easy and cut my window cleaning time from over an hour a week to 20
minutes each week. My boat wash went from 2.5-3hours, to about 45 minutes! The dinghy was the most amazing. Nothing keeps these dirt magnets
clean, but Nano Coating with Exhaust Guard over did just that. The dinghy looked showroom fresh with just a rinse from mid-April to Mid September.
No diesel soot, no dirt or paw prints that wouldn't just rinse off (and the dog really put that to the test). This stuff should come with your new
dinghy purchase, there is nothing, and I mean nothing that comes close to the MPC Cleaner / Nano Coating / Exhaust Guard combo to protect your
dinghy! It works so well I've Nano-Coated many of the interior surfaces of my boat including: My galley walls and cupboards, my shower stalls
(really helps reduce water spots and makes them easier to clean, my toilets (not pleasant but it makes them easier to clean, and that's welcome!)

dumbluck  (Thursday, 02 February 2012)
Rating: 5
We Nano everything, Stainless, Paint, Tender windows, vinyl etc.. This product is so easy to use and protects surfaces so well that is a most have.

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Opinion of JERRY SOKOL about:

5 Stars
I'm a yacht captain of a 112' Westport, I just received this product and tried it myself today, I'm not going to ask anyone to do a job I haven't done first, this product works as described, follow th...

Opinion of JERRY SOKOL about:

4 Stars
I'm a captain on 112' Westport yacht, I have been trying different products to see if we can work smarter, not harder.rnI have to tell you, this stuff rocks, our yacht is two years old, we start with ...

Opinion of Cameron Hancock about:

5 Stars
I bought this last winter on a whim. I've never had much luck with these products but I figured it wasn't expensive, so why not. I had asked the marina to redo all the silicone around my swim platfor...

Opinion of Cameron Hancock about:

5 Stars
This is the most effective cleaner I've ever used, bar none. It's my go-to cleaner now for everything. This takes the deisel soot off my boat in one swipe of the cloth! It cleans my dinghy like not...

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