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Sea-Shield Cut and Polish # 2 1 Gal

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Sea-Shield White Cut & Polish Pad, 9 inch

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Sea-Shield Nano Coating 16oz

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Sea-Shield Clear Squeeze, 16 oz.

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Sea-Shield Exhaust Guard 16 oz.

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Sea-Shield Final Shield 16oz

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Medium Oxidation Video

PAINT POLISH  How to Restore Paint – Medium Oxidation


When your paint has medium oxidation, here are the materials you'll need to restore it to a "like-new" finish:

SEA-SHIELD Boat Soap; Variable Speed Rotary Buffer [Makita or DeWalt] and perhaps a Dual-Action Orbital Polisher [ Porter Cable or Rupes-21]; SEA-SHIELD Cut & Polish #2 Compound, SEA-SHIELD Swirl Remover #3 Polish; SEA-SHIELD nine-inch Wool Pads [White Cut & Polish, Yellow Soft] and/or eight-inch Foam Pads for rotary buffers [Yellow Coarse, Black Soft]; six-inch Foam Pads for dual-action polishers [text: Green Final Finishing, Black Sealing]; SEA-SHIELD Microfiber Towels… and Applicator; SEA-SHIELD Nano Coating and Exhaust Guard Protectants


Always clean or wash down the paint surface with SEA-SHIELD Boat Soap to ensure there is no dirt or grit, which can leave scratches.

POLISHING – STEP #2: For medium oxidized paint, you will begin with Step Two of the polishing process. Squeeze lines of SEA-SHIELD Cut & Polish #2 on the surface. Spread the polish evenly with the White Cut & Polish Wool Pad. Begin at 600 RPM for the initial pass [600 RPM to start], and then increase gradually to 2000 RPM [Gradually increase to 2,000 RPM]. Apply medium pressure while buffing, moving in an overlapping motion, side-to-side. Always keep the pad moving to avoid burning the paint. Make sure the pad is flat to the surface, or only at a slight angle. When you’re finished buffing, wipe the surface with a clean microfiber towel.

POLISHING – STEP #3: To remove swirl marks, use SEA-SHIELD Swirl Remover #3. Start with a buffer, using the Yellow Soft Wool Pad. For a hologram-free finish, switch to the Dual-Action Polisher, using the six-inch Green Final Finishing Pad with a few drops of SEA-SHIELD Nano Coating added. With foam pads, the polish and Nano Coating can be added directly to the pad. If you notice that the hologram is not disappearing right away, you may need to begin this step with a firm foam pad, and then switch to the finishing pad. Spread the polish slowly and firmly, using a high speed on the polisher. When you’re finished polishing, wipe the surface again with a clean microfiber towel.

WAX- NANO COATING– STEP #1: Now that you've polished the surface to a like-new finish, you'll want to protect it from the elements. Squeeze four drops of SEA-SHIELD Nano Coating onto the applicator and apply a thin, even coating to the surface. Do not saturate the surface or the applicator. You can also apply SEA-SHIELD Nano Coating with a six-inch Green Final Finishing or Firm Foam Pad on the dual-action polisher.

SYNTHETIC POLYMER WAX – STEP #2: To apply SEA-SHIELD Exhaust Guard, use a Black Sealing Foam Pad, which is specially designed to apply a thin coating. You should never apply this product to hot surfaces. Work on small sections a time, so it doesn't dry or haze. A small amount can cover a 10-to-15-square-foot area. Quickly and evenly go over the surface, and wipe the Exhaust Guard off immediately with a microfiber towel.

This paint is not only shining like new, it’s shielded with the world’s best protective barrier, making future cleaning, polishing and protecting as easy as possible.






Opinion of Billy Jarratt about:

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I'm a yacht captain of a 112' Westport, I just received this product and tried it myself today, I'm not going to ask anyone to do a job I haven't done first, this product works as described, follow th...

Opinion of Billy Jarratt about:

4 Stars
I'm a captain on 112' Westport yacht, I have been trying different products to see if we can work smarter, not harder.rnI have to tell you, this stuff rocks, our yacht is two years old, we start with ...

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I bought this last winter on a whim. I've never had much luck with these products but I figured it wasn't expensive, so why not. I had asked the marina to redo all the silicone around my swim platfor...

Opinion of Cameron Hancock about:

5 Stars
This is the most effective cleaner I've ever used, bar none. It's my go-to cleaner now for everything. This takes the deisel soot off my boat in one swipe of the cloth! It cleans my dinghy like not...
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