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Sea-Shield Cut and Polish # 2 1 Gal

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Sea-Shield White Cut & Polish Pad, 9 inch

sku: SEA-9WCP-DS
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Sea-Shield Clear Squeeze, 16 oz.

sku: SEA-16-CLEAR
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Sea-Shield Nano Coating 16oz

sku: SEA-NC16
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Q A Sea Shield 2

  1. Is the Sea-Shield System like regular wax?     No. For many years, boat owners and detailers have relied on products from 3M™, Meguires® and Collinite Wax for boat detailing and waxing, but those products were designed primarily for cars. SEA-SHIELD is designed specifically to restore and protect watercraft from the harsh conditions caused by constant exposure to salt water and damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays. Unlike wax, SEA-SHIELD uses a propriety technology developed to restore surfaces to like-new condition.
  1. Is Sea-Shield System the same as a Cleaner Wax?
    No, the Sea-Shield System is a step-by-step process to restore a surface to like-new condition.  We do offer Sea-Shield Cleaner Wax that could be used to deep clean-polish and protect paint and gel coat, but like all cleaner waxes, it does not offer a like-new finish on aging paint or gel coat.
  1. Can anyone learn the Sea-Shield System?
    Yes, even though we have skill technicians that can perform the work for you, we have also developed a support program where anyone can learn how to restore varies surfaces with the appropriate system and willing to put some work into it.
  1. Is the Sea-Shield System throughout the U.S. and different countries?
    Yes, we work with a network of professionals around the world to offer the Sea-Shield System. On larger projects, our in-house surface specialist supervisor travels to the location to assist and supervise the project.     READ MORE...


Treatment can lengthen life of yacht paint job

California-based Sea-Shield has introduced two new after-paint treatment systems to revive and protect vessel paint jobs. "One of the biggest costs to maintain a yacht is in its coatings system," said Francisco Linares, owner of Sea-Shield. "Paint manufacturers are recommending that yachts be painted every four to five years.

With paint jobs starting at $300,000 and getting as high as $2 million for a yacht in the 125-foot to 200-foot range, that gets expensive, especially during these economic times." View Article...




SEA-SHIELD Paint and Gel Coat Polishing and Protection System

You can help your customers avoid costly paint jobs or protect the finish of their newly painted boats with the Paint Protection System and the Polishing System from Sea-Shield.

The latter includes three products for paint and gelcoat exterior-surface restoration: Heavy Cut No. 1, Cut and Polish No. 2 and Swirl Remover No. 3. The paint and gelcoat protection system consists of two products: the UV- and water-resistant Nano Coating and Exhaust Guard, which is applied after the Nano Coating has cured.

Exhaust Guard protects the entire boat from exhaust residue, not just the transom, says Sea-Shield owner Francisco Linares.

The products are targeted to marine professionals, although boat owners can be taught to use the system, Linares says. The San Diego company is looking to expand distribution.

The products are available at our website Linares says. For information on pricing, distribution or tobut you can also ask at your local marine store to become a retailer.  become a wholesaler, visit or call (800) 673-8886. View Article...








Opinion of Billy Jarratt about:

5 Stars
I'm a yacht captain of a 112' Westport, I just received this product and tried it myself today, I'm not going to ask anyone to do a job I haven't done first, this product works as described, follow th...

Opinion of Billy Jarratt about:

4 Stars
I'm a captain on 112' Westport yacht, I have been trying different products to see if we can work smarter, not harder.rnI have to tell you, this stuff rocks, our yacht is two years old, we start with ...

Opinion of Cameron Hancock about:

5 Stars
I bought this last winter on a whim. I've never had much luck with these products but I figured it wasn't expensive, so why not. I had asked the marina to redo all the silicone around my swim platfor...

Opinion of Cameron Hancock about:

5 Stars
This is the most effective cleaner I've ever used, bar none. It's my go-to cleaner now for everything. This takes the deisel soot off my boat in one swipe of the cloth! It cleans my dinghy like not...
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