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SEA-SHIELD®specializes in the restoration and protection of Gelcoat finishes. Gelcoat is thicker and harder than paint, and there are many ways to remove oxidation from Gelcoat finishes and bring back the original shine. Properly maintaining your Gelcoat finish is one of the most important aspects of yacht maintenance.
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SEA-SHIELD® provides glass polishing and protection on most glass surfaces. We specialize in water spot and contamination removal. SEA-SHIELD® restores glass to "like new" condition by using special techniques and tools to remove hairline scratches and swirls caused by faulty prior cleaning methods. We believe that a well-protected glass surface should be crystal clear and free of contamination. We provide a unique window coating made from nanotechnology that gives your glass an extremely durable hydrophobic effect (water repellent). We assure that your marine glass will be protected for up to two ...
Application of Sea-Shield 2-part coating system on new paint and gelcoat. Instructions on buffing and restoring dull paint and gel coat. Abrasives Guide
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Instructions on buffing and restoring dull paint and gel coat.(Download pdf version)  Always clean or wash down surfaces with Sea-Shield Boat Soap or other marine boat soap before buffing remove all dirt, dust and debris Dirt and other contaminants remaining on the surface when buffing will leave scratches.
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Application of Sea-Shield 2-part coating system on new paint and gelcoat. (Donwload pdf Version ) Application of Sea-Shield Nano Coating (Part 1)   Clean surface with Sea-Shield Multipurpose Cleaner or polish surface with Sea Shield Surface Prep. Note: When using Sea-Shield Surface Prep polish by hand using a Sea-Shield Polishing Pad or for larger surfaces use a DA machine, such as a Porter Cable, on low speed and with a Sea Shield Black Sealing Pad....
1. Backing: A flexible or semi-rigid backing (paper, cloth, film) to which the minerals are attached with adhesive. There is a designation for flexibility and durability ranging from A-weight (most flexible) to F-weight (least flexible).

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The SEA-SHIELD® brand of products has been developed over the years by experienced professionals and crew working within the boating and yachting industry.
Our focus is to provide a line of products that clean faster, polish better and protect longer than any other products in their class. We here at SEA-SHIELD® believe that our customers should be out enjoying their boat not spending a lot of time maintaining their boat. To learn more about the SEA-SHIELD® System visit
What Is The SEA-SHIELD® Affiliate Program? The SEA-SHIELD® Affiliate program provides an opportunity for you to earn commission while selling our premium yacht products on your website. This targeted approach allows you to sell products to other consumers and earn money easily online. You can make up to 35 percent commission on high quality yacht care products. What is Affiliate Marketing?
In simple terms, affiliate marketing allows website publishers to earn a commission by selling products on their sites. Affiliate programs are extremely popular due to their simplicity and effectiveness. You can join the SEA-SHIELD Affiliate program, set up links and begin earning money in a matter of minutes. Unlike other affiliate programs and advertising links that pay based on the number of clicks, our Affiliate partners earn money when site visitors make an actual purchase. Our commissions are very attractive because you make commission based on each product you sell. We can assign individual customers to you so you can work directly with your clientele, making more commissions over time. The more your sell, the more money you make.   It’s that easy. Our maintenance care products include the entire line of SEA-SHIELD brand products as well as Fein Power Tools; CYCLO Polishers and Pads; Micro-Mesh Sand Papers and Kits; Cleaning Supplies; King and King Teak Minus and Teak Plus; and many other products. Becoming a SEA-SHIELD Affiliate is simple:
• Click on “Become and Affiliate” and apply for an Affiliate account (we will review your application within 48 hours).
• Agree on Terms and Conditions
• Fill out the form and tell us about yourself. Click Here "Become and ...
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We ship FAST! Orders received Monday through Friday by noon (Eastern Time) normally ship the same day. All orders ship within 1 business day and we will email you a tracking number as soon as we ship!
From The ECO-Detective - Clean Teak Decking and The Environment
- By Russ Grandinetti I first saw Teak Minus and Teak Plus used on a boat in Florida last May, and I was surprised to find out that such an environmentally friendly product has been around for 35 years.    
This truly biodegradable two step process for cleaning and restoring teak decking involves first the use of an Alkaline scrub to clean the teak (Teak Minus); followed by a teak restoration treatment (Teak Plus).

The Teak Minus is a phosphate free water dilutable base concentrate that breaks down dirt and pollutants in the teak. A great characteristic of Teak Minus is that it's easy on soft woods, and it requires only a minimal amount of scrubbing.

The Teak Plus is an acid companion water dilutable concentrate. It restores the teak luster, and it also doesn't harm paint varnish or fiberglass. The result is better by far than traditional teak cleaners.

When Teak Plus is applied on top of Teak Minus, the result is a solution which is neutral in ph when rinsed back into the water. In fact it is so neutral that a famous resort has been using it on teak decking over a pirate ship lagoon containing live fish for the last 20 y...
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To explain Nanotechnology we have to start at the size we are talking about.
We all know by now that Nano is a Greek word and means dwarf. It does not mean we are dealing with dwarfs but it became a common word for everything which is smaller than 1 Micron or 1 millions of a millimeter. 1 Micron is 1000 Nanometer. "A human hair is about 50,000 - 100,000 nanometers across." 1 Nanometer is about 10 - 15 atoms next to each other... 


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